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  • Snowtercycle


    Introduction MITERS has a long tradition of building scooters and road vehicles that fail quickly once the first snow falls in Boston. I grew up in California, where there is no snow. But I also grew up surrounded on three sides by field and know the value of off-road vehicles. Regardless, I really like putting…

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  • Uno: Tiny Unicycle

    Uno: Tiny Unicycle

    Introduction I fell in love with electric unicycles after spontaneously buying a broken Segway Ninebot Z10 on craigslist and fixing it up. I have since blown up its motor controller. My hope is to get this small scale model balanced and working properly and to apply this to rebuilding the much larger Z10. Electric Unicycles…

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  • Graver


    Adventures in engraving!

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  • Angle Grinder Restoration

    Angle Grinder Restoration

    Restored an angle grinder with a broken bearing

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  • Electric Mountainboard Part III

    Electric Mountainboard Part III

    It works. I originally planned to machine and waterjet aluminum for the suspension. However, with campus closed, my available tools were reduced to a mini lathe and hand tools. I ended up building nearly everything from steel using printed paper patterns. It worked reasonably well, but obviously the board is quite heavy – somewhere around…

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  • Electric Mountainboard Part II

    Electric Mountainboard Part II

    Getting some work done on the electronics. Big board means big battery. 10s 7p specifically. This is my second attempt building a battery from scratch but far from the first time I’ve dealt with lithium-ion cells. The cells are salvaged from old hoverboard packs. Every cell had to be checked but I had exactly 70…

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  • Electric Mountainboard Part I

    Electric Mountainboard Part I

    I’m going to split this up into a few parts because it’s a bit of a long project and I’ve got a lot of pictures for once. I actually designed this over a year ago as my second project on Solidworks. Just sort of a practice model that evolved into a Projx funded build. I…

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  • Post Vice Stand

    Post Vice Stand

    Just a quick post. Got this post vice from my grandfather and built it a fancy stand. Post vices are blacksmithing tools. They’re designed to direct pounding into the ground through the post, reducing energy dissipation and preventing damage to the vice. These things actually predate the ability to make internal threads. Depending on how…

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  • Delta 6in Belt Sander Restoration

    Delta 6in Belt Sander Restoration

    Picked up this bandsaw at an excellent price and it ran great… for about three days. The motor began to cut out. The belt sander runs off of a 1/2 horsepower motor. But its the size of a 3 or 4 horsepower motor. These particular motors, called induction repulsion motors have excellent startup torque but…

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  • Combat Robotics: Arc Gouge

    Combat Robotics: Arc Gouge

    Welcome to my foray into the world of fighting robot competitions. As a member of the MIT Combat Robotics Club, I occasionally make robots. Arc Gouge is my first personal robot and is designed to compete in the 3lbs Beetleweight weight class. Arc Gouge is a vertical spinner with brushless weapon motor and brushed, gear…

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